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                                                                               (DUALRAYS Enterprise Culture Pyramid)

Mission: Technology Light Up Civilization

Corporate Philosophy:
    a:  Creating maximum value for customers;
    b:  Success is based on goals achieve;
    c:  Innovation is the soul of enterprise development;
    d:  Speed and efficiency are the keys to success;
    e:  Quality is always the lifeline of enterprise;
    f:  Team is our most valuable asset;
    g:  Learning means vitality,creativity, competitiveness;
    h:  Competitors are our partners;

Core Value: Honesty, Gratitude, Innovation, Responsiblility

Enterprise Spirit: 
 Modesty, Loyalty, Perseverance, Proactiveness, Dedication, Colloboration, Responsibility, Share

Management Philosophy: 
    a:  People-oriented, benevolent as the outline;
    b:  Learning with an open mind, continuous improvement;
    c:  Clear right and responsibility,lead by example;
    d:  Open-minded and inclusive;
    e:  Clear goals, performance-oriented;
    f:  Mutual trust and assistance, team wins;
    g:  System management, rigorous and efficient;
    h:  Free and flexible, relaxed appropriately;

Service  Philosophy: Initiative, Qucik, standard, Considerate

Talents Concept:
  Ability and integrity, Talents fully displayed, Talent Respection and Ahievement

Brand Positioning:
  Intelligent Industrial and Sport Lighting OEM/ODM Supplier
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